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John D Salt

Given that there were a number of Ost battalions in Normandy still equipped with Soviet 50mm and 82mm mortars, as well as 45mm ATGs, I’d be amazed if they didn’t also have PPsH SMGs. Especially as they took 9mm parabellum, same as the MP40.

Tovarishch Picksky points out that the PPSh, like practially all Soviet SMGs, fired 7.62mm Tokarev. Although Mr. Pickier was surprised to find that there was apparently a 9mm Luger (as I gather we are supposed to call Parabellum these days) conversion kit, turning your MP-717(r) into an MP-41(r):


Googling “Osttruppen in Normandy” doesn’t turn up any piccies of booty PPs, and I do not recall ever seeing any, but absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and I would be quite surprised if there weren’t a few with the Ost battalions.

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