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Angel Barracks

hmmmm what inspired me?

It all started…  (here we go) in December of last year when I realised that after 10 years of only doing 6mm I was burnt out.
I needed a change and thought 15mm seemed a good start.
Had to be low model count so skirmish was the thing.
Not sure why Conan though?

I think… think it may have been seeing some ruins that Ali of Sayiner Microtoys had made that made me think fantasy and then of course Conan.
I had read all the Conan books back in my youth and recall fondly the tales.

Conan it was, quick bit of searching and I found the Copplestone models so ordered them.
I was loathe to buy terrain as I could make it myself and I am a miser.
So I started making a few models, then it struck me, why not sell them too.
This of course slowed down my making as when making for casting they need to be different than were I making them for myself.

I recall a lot of Conan stuff being in dry desert style stuff and of course the Arnie film has that feel.

So I set about making some generic desert buildings in a mud hut tribal village style and a mud wall adobe style without actually paying attention to the Conan lore.

It was only recently that I started bringing the lore into my thinking, until recently it was all generic desert fantasy.

I have been getting inspiration from old Conan comics, the films, various desert based fantasy films, miniatures online and the books as well as the old Xbox 360 Conan game.

Crom’s Anvil will continue to make generic fantasy items but I will start making some very clearly Conan things for my games soon.

Having said that, some of my figures could quite easily be named characters from the books, my Sorcerer will be Thoth Amon in my games.
One thing I won’t do is play as Conan, not only as I can’t advertise my game reports using his name but also, by allowing the chance of meeting Conan in a game, that is way better surely?

I am off now to cast up some terrain whilst listening to some Conan audio books…

These links have been very useful:



oh and I changed my outlook e-mail notification sound to a wav of Arnie saying ‘CROM!’

Enjoy the little things!