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Hey guys,

almost done painting her, then its time for the sails, I’ll probably do the main sail and fore sail furled and the jib(?) unfurled.

When that’s done I’ll take some proper pictures.

Meanwhile I thought I’d answer some of your questions.

@ Darkest Star Games

Indeed sir, bows and good honest steel, there’s no place in a good Conan adventure for gunpowder weapons.

If I ever do a large war galley I might be tempted to add a catapult or something like that but that will be quite some time yet.

@Alexander & Micheal

no name yet, I’ve been looking at the names of Ottoman ships of the line, current favourites are

Golden Horse

Two Lions


White Crowned Eagle

but I’m still open to suggestions, I’d like something with a 1001 nights vibe 🤔

@ Rhoderic

For the pirates I’ll be using historical Tripoly/Barbary pirates.

I have ordered some from the minifigs line sold by Caliver Books and some others from Capitan Games. Some will need a bit of conversion work as they are armed with pistols but that shouldn’t be to difficult.

@ PaintingLittleSoldiers

Go for it!

( and don’t forget to post pictures😎)

@ greg954

my best estimate would be about 4 afternoons but there was some trial and error involved and now and then some interwebs to look things up, the next one will probably go faster, I’ll try to keep a time log when I do that one.

As to the the well stocked model shop well euh…

That’s basically it , my wife does keep me well stocked with left over foamboard, prespecs and magnetic paper leftovers from work and I continually squirrel away interesting looking bits from all over so I guess in that way I am well stocked .



If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0