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I admit to being idiosyncratic when it comes to Aquilonia: My vision of the Hyborian Age is ruined by the notion of Aquilonians as high medieval Northwestern Europeans, especially like something out of the Hundred Years’ War or the Wars of the Roses. It’s not quite… “mythical” enough, I guess. Nor exotic enough. That’s not to say I view Aquilonians as Romans per se, but some combination of ancient Romans, medieval Byzantines and earlier medieval Northwestern Europeans is just about right. To put it another way, take the old “Prince Valiant” vision of Camelot (which subverts the classic high medieval Arthurian aesthetic with heavy sword-and-sandal influences), add the occasional Byzantine-style dalmatic, chiton or chlamys, and you’re home. Obviously Nemedia would be more Byzantine-styled than Aquilonia, but I still want a little bit of southern/eastern exoticism to be showing through in Aquilonia as well.

On a similar note, how do you guys envision pirates of the Western Ocean, excluding tribal ones of the Black Kingdoms? I’ve seen them sometimes depicted as having an 18th century “pirates of the Caribbean” type mode of dress (especially in the Mongoose RPG) and I absolutely hate it. I envision them being as medieval/ancient in style as everything else in the setting, but still obviously with plenty of swashbuckling flair. I’d meant to convert 28mm Barachan pirates out of carefully selected Dark Ages Irish. Now I might use plastic Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago crewmen instead, possibly removing the neckerchiefs.