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Yeah, he’s quite the character isn’t he? He goes beyond nasty. Next chapter up is in the command and control room (C&C). Since the chapter following it is in the C&C as well. I will do pics then, (will give me time to set up the scene). Also there’s not a lot of point showing the same pics for both chapters.

RDF Base – Command and Control room (C&C)

Shields finishes off looking at the comms file from 2 weeks ago. He closes down the app and walks over to Trooper Hinckley.
“Are you armed?” He asks
“Something wrong sir?”. Replies Hinckley.
“Very, here take my sidearm, I’ll get another from the armoury. Stay sharp, there are problems afoot”. He says
Hinckley nods and holsters the pistol.

Then Fouquet enters the C&C and takes in the surrenderings.
“There you are Captain” Says Colonel Shields.
“Sorry sir, I’ve been delayed”. He replies.
“We just heard from Hinz’s Pathfinder. Except it wasn’t him. It was Gomez, the Ravens pilot from Mars. It seems they all survived the crash and made it to the power station. No sign of Hinz’s team though, which is odd”. Shields continues “I have to take a look at something, you remain here”

Fouquet waits no longer, he draws his side arm and points it at the Colonel. But with resent events Shields was ready. He had been decrypting the secret comms files. He knew at least one persons was working for an outside party. He knew there was a mole, a traitor. He knew the RDF were compromised. But wasn’t sure who or how many RDF where involved.

With surprising speed for a man in this late fifties. Shields disarmed Fouquet and the pistol went scattering across the floor and under the plotting table. But Fouquet was no slouch, he counterattacked and soon had the Colonel on the floor. Fouquet was about to launch another attack.
“ENOUGH” shouts Trooper Hinckley
Fouquet stops and sees that Hinckley. Has drawn the pistol that Shields gave him and is pointing it right at him.
“Trooper, that man is a traitor to the RDF. Place him under arrest” Says Fouquet
“Don’t listen to him. He’s a traitor that has sold his sole to the Cerberus Corporation!” Shields continues “I’ve been deciphering the comms files, I know about Cerberus! Tell me how much did they offer? Was it money? Land? Titles? Deeds? How much did they offer you Fouquet to sell out your own countryman!” Says Shields.

“This command, the gate and this world is now the Property of the Cerberus Corporation” Says Fouquet
“I’ve locked out the gate. It’s on a rotating algorithm. You can’t use it, so if you’ve been planning on bring your own people in. Forget it” Says Shields

Fouquet turns to Hinckley. “Time to pick a side lad, they can give you anything you want. Anything. All you have to do is arrest the Colonel”.

To be continued……….