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The TMP editor got upset when I objected to his mishandling of a situation, then his attempt to turn it into something personal when I pointed out his lack of professionalism. It would appear that this action justifies that stance.

Im not sure which nation you are trying to represent, or from which time period. At a guess it is Norwegians from the mid 1980s (aka ‘Team Yankee’ period, or as we prefer to call it, Cold War gaming which was around for decades before a certain set of rules appeared) in which case they had the metal M1 helmet and AG3 (like the G3 but an open stock) so you’re probably best looking at the Cold War Germans with the G3/MG3 mix. Our Canadian range is equipped with the L1A1 (SLR), so not quite suitable, depending on how fussy you are at 15mm.

The FN Scar didn’t enter service until about 2009 (Belgians) which suggests you are looking at more modern actions, in which case they would be in a Kevlar helmet.

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