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We have never used non-miniature markers, chips, casualty caps, etc, so those have always struck me as being invasive on the tabletop, as have based figures with exposed labels identifying them.

As a habit, food and drink have not been placed on the terrain, as condensation and grease/crumbs could damage the terrain.  They usually have gone on tables or shelves surrounding the game table.

We have tended to be more pragmatic about tables and charts and dice, being accepted on the periphery of the game table.  Dice towers have never been used.  Nobody has ever said anything, but we have always played such that dice are always rolled on the table, and can always be seen during the roll process.

In more recent years, devices such as cell phones and tablets get the same treatment as rules, off the table.  Usually  we don’t even have a set of rules present at the table during games.  When we do have a set, there is usually just a single copy out for reference.  But we have rarely had need during a game.