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I think some if this comes down to what we are accustomed to.  Physical books are what I am used to, having developed ways to flip quickly to find what I am looking for.  It is easy out of habit, perhaps, just as typing on a keyboard is preferable to me over typing on a screen.

Perhaps, for those who have developed their own methods, pdf is easier.

That’s not to say I think one is better over the other.  I think that if pdf publishers did things right, pdf would be a better option.  Configuring pdfs to have tables of content and indices that link to relevant sections, references in rules to other rules that do the same linking, as well as a good old search and bookmarking that they already have could make pdf rules superior to even those with ingrained bias.

The first set of rules I bought in pdf for use on a tablet were cyberpunk and that was oh so appropriate.

I think GW embraces the capabilities if electronic rules, would be great to see others do even a basic bit of work to improve their usability for their customers other than “save as pdf” and done.