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Phil Dutré

I also try to strive for the “perfect table” – as few “stuff” as possible on the table.

But even when using markers, dice, etc, you still have the option of making them contribute to the overall visuals rather than distract from them:

  • use markers, counters that fit the visuals in shape, color, … That doesn’t always imply using wounded figures or rocks or twigs, but simply use colours that match the theme.
  • Same for dice. Instead os using a rag-tag collection, use dice all of the same color. Color can also be army-dependent, e.g. the French always use blue dice, the Austrians white, etc.
  • Rulers: make some old-school measuring sticks, or use a compass 😉 It makes the table and the experience much more stylish.
  • Use a real dice tray, not the lid from a shoe-box. You can also be creative and e.g. put a copy of the Quick Reference Sheet on the inside of the dice tray. Dice-tray and QRS blended into one.
  • Etc…

I draw the limit at drinks and snacks. These belong off-table, not on-table.

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