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You may want to include a negative factor for any troops under the command of the Prince of Orange, particularly Bijlandt’s brigade. Cue howls of outrage 😀 As for Germans, there are Nassauers, Brunswickers, almost certainly Hannoverians, and definitely KGL. 🙂

I would think a delay or disinclination to comply with orders from a superior would usually stem from factors such a lack of confidence in your superiors, an inability to conform to instructions because of poor  training or the local situation, failure to understand the orders or perhaps even to receive them.

Surely all nationalities could be prey to such factors, particularly in the heat of battle. However, would the various Dutch, Brunswick, Belgian or German brigades of a British-led army be more prey to these factors than a British brigade?

You cite the PoO. This would be due to his inexperience? (he was, BTW, a very effective leader in the later Belgian War of Independence).

Any examples of bloody-mindedness from the allies? Not that I’d suggest possible British arrogance would get up anyone’s nose……