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Gone Fishing

TLA, you make some excellent points. This is where websites and discussions like this can be a huge help. As you may have gathered, I’m a newcomer to the subject of Roman history (I’ve always loved ancient history, but have focused on the Greeks), and so should probably clap my mouth shut, prudently refrain for voicing opinions, and sit back and listen…while you and Max duke it out!  You’ve given me a lot to think on, however, and the input is much appreciated.

I’m embarrassed to admit to never having read The Gallic Wars. Seems an obvious place to start. Suitably chastened, I’m off to Amazon and ebay to work on correcting this. If you see this and have a translation or version to recommend (possibly annotated?) I would have another reason to thank you.

Edit: Just back: My Latin is not good enough to read it in the original. So: I always like Loeb editions, but am aware the translations are sometimes old-fashioned (literal, but clunky). Easton Press has a very handsome edition translated by John Warrington – it’s always nice to have essential books in good editions, but this might have some of the same problems as Loeb. Will keep sniffing around…

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