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It strikes me as a video game-inspired approach. It goes against the grain for me personally, though.

It feels to me like only the indoor boards would be proper, proportional representations of the world, whereas the figures and probably also some of the other terrain pieces would have to be perceived as enlarged tokens of their actual, smaller selves when they’re situated on the outdoor board. I get that that’s not the actual point; it’s meant to be more of an “inexplicit” representation of the world, as in many video games, but… I still feel a buzzing sense of wrongness at the thought. Where my own projects are concerned, I could only imagine doing it for some hypothetical project that deliberately emulates the look and feel of a highly stylised video game (probably using chibi JRPG-style figures). We all have our bugaboos, I suppose.

However, I do agree with the general practice of representing interiors of buildings and ships as separate side boards, instead of going the lift-off roofs approach.

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