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Niiiiice! – a well thought out and written piece,  thanks so much for posting this – particularly with the comparison photos and comments on the various manufacturers – really useful.

I guess the wave 1 Microworld/Heroics and Ros items are leaning toward 1/300th, so potential there for adding in some of those cheap architectural model plastic cars you often see on sale from Chinese sellers on EBay, whilst the classic Irregular ‘Mad Ron’ goes better with the Onslaught Limos, and Microworld Wave 2 to produce a more ‘muscular’ look……

I have plenty of all of the above lurking in the long-neglected Lead Pile, but am torn as to which to use….. Like the flexibility of the former for adding in plenty of variation, but it’s hard to shake the visual appeal of the larger items….

Really liking the look of your Gaslands track; would love to see some pics of it in action once you get underway.