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Per Broden

Thanks for the positive comments.

SOS – See notes on Chinese cars below, really good value.  Good luck with your choice, I will put in some game shots on the track once we get to that point.

AB – I have a few of those characters I think you are thinking about. Actually if you look really careful there is potentially a familiar one with a rifle on one of the Limousines.  I am working on some drivers and others and will post about some appropriate character models eventually.

DSG – I suppose they “rejects”  would work for normal 6mm – whatever that is?.  What range of figures are you using for your modern stuff.

With regards to civilian vehicles search for:  100pcs Unpainted Model Car Set  – and you will find some cars from China.  I just ordered this as it was £2.54.   I will post about their suitability when they arrive, it will probably take a while as they will have to come here from china.

Over and out, need to burn some tyres…


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