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Shaun Travers

Hello Martin,

You got me to open the Cambrai to Sinai rules for the first time in 30+ years.  There are two scales you can play the rules at:  1:80 and 1:300.  At 1:80 figures are individual, at 1:300 a section is two bases.  Firing is done at 1:80 by picking a firing group of 1 or more figures (up to a section) and adding up combat factors.  The target can be 1 or more figures.   Not quite like IABSM/RF where, as you indicate, a single unit of figures fires. At 1:300 any number of bases fires at a single base only, also adding up combat factors for the firing bases.  While I really only looked at the first few pages for scale, unit definitions and also the infantry firing procedure pages, I did notice the rules are often split into at 1:80 follow this process; at 1:300 follow this one instead.