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So why the dislike? Not offended – interested.

Part of the reason is that it feels a tad schizophrenic to me, to use such fundamentally different categories of determinants in the same game. Why are some things determined by dice rolling and others by eyeballing the table and saying a number? I’d sooner replace the latter with more dice rolling for the sake of uniformity and consistency – or, if I’m feeling adventurous, replace all of the dice rolling with some other single game mechanic, such as cards. Perhaps I might go so far as including both dice and cards in the same game (as long as both mechanics stay simple), but at least they’re closer to being in the same category of things the way I see it.

As for ‘physical’ vs ‘cerebral’, I don’t get it I’m afraid. Range estimation is a visuo-spatial thing and definitely cerebral unless you are throwing things at targets as well! This isn’t the hand/eye coordination bit of games playing it is purely estimating distance (and pretty small ones at that).

I’ll argue there’s still physical instinct involved. Denied measuring tools, I have nothing else but physical instinct to rely on to estimate what a foot of distance looks like, and I don’t see how that would get any easier with smaller distances (I’d be as likely to mistake 1 cm for 1.1 cm as to mistake 12″ for 13″). Once the game is setting expectations for my physical instincts, I’m feeling stressed, under pressure. I come to this hobby to get away from all that.

That’s not to say I never find relaxation in games that are based on physical instinct, but there’s far better, more breezy and refreshingly inconsequential alternatives than miniature wargaming for that sort of thing. Mario Kart, for instance.

I also don’t mean to say I want my miniature games to be very cerebral exercises, either. If I’m having to calculate odds or build complex decision trees in my head, that’s also putting me under the pressure of expectations. All I want from this hobby is some freedom from pressure. Rolling some dice to have a course of events play out before my eyes can be soothing that way.