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Guy Farrish

Okay, I can see all of those arguments against have validity.

However, (sounds more professional than but) I still don’t get the antipathy – you adjust for your audience – if people have depth perception problems we shouldn’t use that mechanic – but does that mean I can’t use that mechanism for those who aren’t so affected?

As for ‘size’ issues – my ‘small’ distances meant measure your artillery call of shot from the door post the table is in – so c 3x4metres?  vice several kilometres in real life, not 0.1cm!

As for relaxation – I find estimating physical distance to be immensely relaxing compared to calculating my way through charts etc.

It is I guess horses for courses, so I am happy to premeasure, estimate distances or use charts, tables and dice if you prefer. (I have to confess to a certain distrust of the use of cards in games – they normally smack of gimmicks to me and do little that dice or simpler mechanisms can’t deliver).


Oh PS – Bandit – Players, no matter how new to the game should be advised of the game range of their weaponry – if they choose to deploy at 48″ range when effective range is 24″, then they should be advised of their error the first time, allowed to correct this, and thereafter any mistakes are up to them.