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Dumb reason really.  If I don’t paint them, they are not my MY troops, and I can’t use them.  Actually no reason to it, more like superstition or something.  I’ll readily use other people’s figs in games that they put on, but if I own the figs, I have to paint them.

I don’t always enjoy painting, though usually I do.  And, I rarely try to do a particularly good job, as going “full artist mode” takes me up to a couple of hours per fig to paint, and I simply can’t afford the time given the variety of periods/armies/factions that I game (plus, it doesn’t result in that good of a paint job).

My lead heap is at something of a high point right now at around 800 figs, and I’ve been putting off buying other figs, as I want to avoid growing it more.  Guess I should paint more, and browse less.