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If I was a millionaire I would pay somebody else to paint my figures and only hire the best painters.

I paint my own figures as I enjoy doing it, I have bought figures from a couple of painting services and was mildly disappointed.  The price of the figures were reasonable but the painting was poor and I could do better.  If you want well painted figures 25 – 28mm scale £6 – 10 a figure is the price you are going to have to pay to get a good to very good standard.  So if you were doing a 200 piece army, that’s £1200 – £2000 for painting not including the cost of the lead / plastic or cleaning up and building.

When it comes to paying for painting figures as a collective group wargames are non to keen to pay high prices for painted figures.  That is mainly down to affordability a 200 figure army at £2000 to paint or £200 for the raw lead and do it yourself is a no brainier.

Like I said if I had millions.