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Sorry for the delay, be working flat out and the last two weekends as well. To top it off I’ve had a leak in my shower room. So, I’ve been busy rebuilding all that. Plus, (get this) had a leak in the upstairs bathroom. So been doing that as well! But, remarkably I have been building scenery. All this disruption with building materials knocking around etc…has meant that I haven’t needed to look far for scenery materials! 5mm ply, 5mm cladding, plasterboard, insulation board, various paints and other stuff. Has come in very handy while  constructing scenery of The Genesis Findings.

Anyway enough waffle for the moment…..the next chapter….

Command and Control Room (C&C) – Proxima B 

Hinckley lowered the pistol and stared at the floor. Then with reinforced purpose he raised his gun at Fouquet.
“No, Captain you’re under arrest .”Says Hinckley ……….

………………..He was about to continue when a muted sound and a thump caused Hinckley to drop the gun and clutched his neck. As blood pour from a hole in his neck. He collapsed and Fouquet moved quickly to pick up the pistol.

“Having problems?” Says The RDF Trooper, as he walked further into the room.
“Nothing I couldn’t handle”
“Yeah looked like it” Says The RDF Trooper As he put two more rounds into Hinckley.
“Want me to finish off the old man too?” He says pointing the pistol at Shields.
“NO! You’ve done enough killing, we need him. He’s locked out the gate.” Says Fouquet

Then Trooper Peters walks into the C&C. He is the last RDF member to be bought out by Cerberus.
“Peters, take the Colonel to the radar station and lock him in the utility room there. We will deal him later”. Orders Fouquet.

Fouquet waits unit Peters has removed Shields from the room. He turns to The RDF Trooper.
“YOU IDIOT! there’s survivors from the Raven which you shoot down. You didn’t bother to check and now they are on their way here. That’s sloppy work!” Shouts Fouquet. Throwing a tablet at The RDF Trooper, just missing him.
The RDF Trooper, frowns and explodes into a rage.
“I was Cerberus long before you! I’m one of their Devine children. Second only to God! But you……you were merely bribed. They waved a big fat cheque under your nose and you caved. As my duty I was made to join the RDF as a mole. For three years I had to endure this stinking outfit. So don’t you lecture me!”

Fouquet had heard enough, he reached for the pistol which he picked up from Hinckley. But The RDF Trooper was quicker. He thrust his combat knife up and into Fouquet. With drawing it and thrusting again into his gut. Fouquet collapses and slumps against the plotting table.
“Now, go and die in whatever agony seems bests” grins The RDF Trooper.

End of Part One. To be continued………

Ok, that’s the end of part one. I’m working on part two now. Although there will be a delay, part two will be posted a lot quicker and the chapters will not be far apart, right up to the closing chapter. Although I’ve been pretty busy, I haven’t been slacking….Here’s a little teaser, an outlook to part two….

McCallum’s team is on their way to C&C at the RDF base. They will be stopping off at the bases sewage treatment/effluent plant first. I’ve nearly build this scenery, just need to do the snow effects and flock it. In this scene, the “mysterious newcomer”. Who found Trooper Chapman at the solar power station and stole Colin’s PathFinder just pior. His identity will be revealed. Also the identity of the large person, who Chapman had contact with. There will also be a scene in an infirmary. I’m doing the internal part now and have finished the external part of it. (Made it from a cheese spread pot).

Then it will be on to the Radar Station, where the dirty Trooper Peters has taken the CO, Colonel Shields. I haven’t started this yet. In this scene the notorious main villain, known only as “The RDF Trooper” will make an appearance. Will he get his “just desserts” for the horrible killings of the RDF Troopers in the Poole room? Well, you might find out.

Then finally, the big show down. This will be at the RDF base. I’ve made and primed the external part of the C&C. The internal part is what you’ve just seen in this chapter.  This will be part of the conclusion. Where the surviving RDF will be fighting for their lives and humanity!!!!!!!


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