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I am currently making a ‘tray battlefield’ for use with squad sized units in 15mm. The rules I am playing are Iron Ivan games “Disposable Heroes: Point Blank”, which are intended for early 1900’s through to modern games, but easily adaptable to anything from Ancients to Sci-fi.

You only need about 10 figures per side to play a game, and if you go with 15mm figures, it can be very cheap to get up and running.

You can see the first protoype in this thread: http://www.thewargameswebsite.com/forums/topic/10mm-skirmish/

It has evolved a bit since my last post, and I should update the topic to reflect that, as it is now a smaller tray and with 15mm figures.

The great thing about using the tray is that I can carry it anywhere, move it around if need be and it doesn’t take up much space.

I also have a 60cm x 60 cm square foam board for bigger games.

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