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Extrapolating from online PLA sources and here….


Guessing on a typical tri-squad platoon, 3 ZBD-05’s have a capacity for 30 troops allowing for 3 bodies in Platoon HQ…….reports from a joint Sino-Russian amphibious exercise tell of 14 ZBD-05’s landing over 100 marines…..perhaps they deploy in 4 squad platoons with a 4 man hq? 3×4 squad platoons with support attachments from a company support platoon……heavier machine guns,mortars,ATGW and AA for example

All speculation on my part but there is discussion of Designated Marksman Rifle and a SAW equivalent inclusions into the squad orbat, replacing a QBZ95 rifle and the QBB Light Support Weapon……..the roll out and issue may lead to several orbat variations within the Mech Brigades of the PLAN Marines……..

(I’m off to dig out my 1/72 Caesar Minis PLA figures!!)


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