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Indeed, unlike other places TWW uses TAGS.

TAGs are kind of like an advanced search, simply post in the forum and you can TAG your post with the specific periods/genres and people can search for posts by TAG.

Otherwise we could end up with 500+ forums some with little or no content.
An example. WWII, we already have a WWII forum so could it go there?
It could go into a WWII Air child forum, but what if people only check the parent forum, what if people are happy to subscribe to the parent AIR forum, but don’t want to have to subscribe to all the child forums, they will miss the topic.

Have a look around, make use of the TAGs and the Subscribe to forum and topic and hopefully that will win you over.

Besides with lots of child forums, it would be like Facebook, which has the main site and scores of separate groups that quite often just post the same stuff.
I see too much classification as a divisive action, rather than one that units people under a shared interest.

PS: Thanks for joining, hope I have not put you off being part of this great community!  😀