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I think there’s partly different mindsets between boardgamers and miniature gamers where certain other aspects like competitiveness are concerned, but as far creativeness, I’m more inclined to view these groups as two parallel spectrums (spectra?). There’s your WarmaHordes, 40K, Infinity and FoW players who couldn’t abide the thought of unofficial units or rules. And there’s lots of boardgamers who don’t just play boardgames but aspire to design ones of their own, not seldom in the form of home-grown expansions to or spin-offs of existing, commercially succesful boardgames.

I could imagine that the Conan boardgame attracts a lot of the same category of gamers as do WarmaHordes etc. It’s very shiny/glossy/chrome. It sells itself as a “complete package”, a fully actualised architecture with minimum DIY required.