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Just Jack

Ivan – Yeah, the rules as written allow units that didn’t activate to fire, but we’re not, for the same reason we’re not using the double Tea Break: I like the friction 😉

John – Yeah, maybe.  I’m not sure why (I think it’s my buddy Steve over at the “Sound Officer’s Call” blog), but I kind of really want to get to the Eastern Front, ASAP.  But I also want to fight tank battles in the desert, hence the idea of splitting the KG and bringing it back together later.  We’ll see, I’ve got time.  Just for you, I haven’t posted anything, but I’ve been playing and working behind the scenes on the US Marines in the Dutch East Indies.

Tim – Yeah buddy, 233 photos.  And yeah, it took 4 1/2 hours to play, another 5 hours for the batrep.  I’m remembering why I like skirmish games so much 😉  I’m glad you liked it, and appreciate the kind words.  The little puffs of cotton is me trying to show the mortar/cannon impacts; sorry they’re ugly, but I’m a simple man 😉