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One thing that’s struck me in reading Conan the Conqueror (also called Hour of the Dragon) is that our barbarian hero tends to wear more clothes than is typically portrayed in the various mediums. Heavens, he’s often wearing trousers – which just doesn’t work as well for me.

I have a recollection that Conan always seemed to dress after the local culture wherever he went in the original stories. Really, he’s very typical of the “white man gone native” trope that seems to have been so dominant in early 20th century adventure fiction.


Only last week I was reading a REH Conan story and Conan was described as having a hairy chest; I don’t think I have ever seen any image of him as such..

You must have misread that. “Hairy crest”, maybe, or… or, “beary chest”. Yes, that must be it!