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Ivan Sorensen

Hey Mark!

Answers below:

A model is going down or scared, he must hug dirt, regardless If it’s in cover or not? If he is not, he remains steady? It’s not clear to me. Page 24, 26.

Figures only Hug Dirt if they have any sort of cover.
So behind a hedgerow or in a rubble building? Hug Dirt.
In the open? Cannot Hug Dirt however he is still Scared.

Some weapons have two modes of firing. On long range the figure for certain will choose the mode with the most Shock dices. Does all the modes fire on long range, because, for example the sub-machine gun has 4S on spray and 2S on aim, and look too much for long range.

You are correct and this is intentional.

If you wish, you could drop 1 Shock die at long ranges to limit it a bit, but bear in mind the gaming table (in 15mm) is only a few hundred yards across.

Does the reaction rule apply on solo?

Yes, but if you want to adjust the difficulty of the game a little, you could reduce or remove enemy reactions.

The line of sight/fire passes through many elements of cover suffice you can see part of the enemy figure, right? For example two low walls and a hedge, or three woods and a low wall.

I didn’t define that very narrowly, because each group likes to do this in a different way.

I personally play it that if you can see a part of the figure that isn’t an arm sticking out beyond the base, you can fire, but some groups prefer stopping any line of sight that crosses more than 1 terrain piece.

Finally, when the line of fire breaks?

Typically line of sight is only broken if you cannot see the figure at all.

Woods, bushes etc will Conceal figures (they no longer count as being in the open).

It’s common to have deep woods block sight after 3 inches or so.

Last, do you plan to issue historical scenarios, with specific forces, terrain and rival positions, like Tide of Iron for example. I also, purchased Polish Campaign and it use force generator too.

I currently lack the time to sufficiently playtest set-piece scenarios like that.
If that changes or I find sufficient recruits to do so, I would love to publish some scenario booklets.

I hope that helps!

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