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The best I can find, now that Bayonet Strength has gone, is this http://usacac.army.mil/CAC2/CGSC/CARL/nafziger/939BXAB.pdf Page 4 gives the paper strength of a British armoured regiment at the end of the war; 78 AFV, including support, and 698 officers and OR. A bit of rough calculation shows that, even allowing for an average of 5 crew per AFV, around 50% of the regiment’s manpower aren’t crewing tanks.

The 1945 roster is wrong (or at least incomplete) though, as there were several different types of armoured unit. The comments below apply to NW Europe, as things were different in Italy. It’s the British Army, nothing is straightforward!

In British Armoured Regiments (Sherman equipped), there were 4 tanks per troop, with the extra 1 being a Firefly, usually with 4 troops of 4. In fact by 1945 there were often 2 Firefly per troop. The independent armoured brigades usually (but not always) followed a similar T, O & E,  there were exceptions eg those with DD Shermans, where the Fireflies were only in the 1 (of 3) squadrons that had ‘standard’ Shermans, the FF being too found heavy for the DD gear.

The Cromwell equipped 7AD initially were issued FF, 1 per troop, with 3 Cromwell, as the Cromwell based Challenger was delayed. The also Cromwell equipped Armoured Recce Regiments didn’t get the Fireflies (poor buggers), so stuck with  the 5 X 3 organisation, as did the sole (in NWE) Churchill equipped Army Tank Brigade (6th Guards Tank Brigade). The ARR received Challengers eventually IIRC.

By 1945 most of the AA tanks had been retired, as there was no need for them.

What’s missing are all the A & B echelon vehicles & personnel, along with the attached REME Light Aid Detachments, RAMC, spare crews etc, https://www.quartermastersection.com/british/companies/370/Armoured from https://www.quartermastersection.com/

ARRSE has a good thread  https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/d-day-british-orbats.266454/

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