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Not Connard Sage

https://www.quartermastersection.com/british/companies/370/Armoured from https://www.quartermastersection.com/

From your link.

36 x Officers.
627 x NCOs & Other Ranks.
8 x Motorcycles.
9 x Jeeps.
62 x Trucks.
9 x Scout Cars.
15 x M3 Half-Tracks.
11 x Light Tanks.
58 x Cruiser Tanks.
6 x AA Tanks.
5 x Recovery Tanks

From my link.

Total in armored regiment

55 cruisers, 6 close support tanks, 11 light tanks,
and 6 AA tanks, 39 officers and 659 enlisted.


There are still a similar amount of AFV (80 v 78), including support, and manpower (663 v 698) strengths there. We’re not discussing softskin and ancillary vehicles. My list and yours are in broad agreement. So unless I’m missing something?

We’re beginning to argue around ourselves here, and the goalposts keep moving.


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