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John D Salt

Mr. Picky has been very slow on the uptake, but after a bit of pottering with Joslen’s “Orders of Battle” and some googling, it seems pretty clear to me that Colonel Dupuy has, like many before him, been baffled by the British Army’s organisational customs.

“2nd Norfolk Yeomanry” is a mistaken unit designation. The Norfolk Yeomanry served in WW2 as 65th anti-tank regiment RA, which at the relevant time was the anti-tank regiment of 7th Armoured Division. I think what is intended is 2 NY, the 2nd Northhamptonshire Yeomanry, then riding Cromwells as the armoured recce regiment of 11th armoured division, as described in Keith Jones’ “Sixty Four Days of a Normandy Summer”. And, I should have recalled, 8 H (King’s Royal Irish) were the armoured recce regiment of 7th Armoured. So the units chosen are all recce, apart from 148 RAC which is part of the independent 33rd Armoured Brigade. It would have been much more useful to have numbers from the armoured regiments in the armoured brigades of the armoured divisions, but none are provided.

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