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John D Salt

It was more pointing out that Nafziger isn’t infallible. Our numbers are indeed broadly similar.

I was going to type in the armoured regiment WEs from Joslen, but as I see Nafziger gets his stuff from Joslen (misspelling the unit titles “Armored” wherever possible and scrambling all the dates to the American MM/DD/YY format) they are as correct as anything is ever likely to be.

On the other hand I would tend not to trust quartermastersection.com given that it took Mr. Picky about two minutes to spot that they mistakenly believe the British Army is “Royal”, that they wrongly call the Covenanter the Cruiser Mk III, and they assign a fictional ‘A’ number to the Valentine, which is famous for not having an ‘A’ number.

Have we done the anatomy of British WW2 tank designations recently? That’s always a good one to baffle people with.

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