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Yeah, I’m struggling a bit with photo set up at the mo… thought I’d got it sorted when I took the pic of those villagers but it’s gone weird again.

I appear to be on a bit of a terrain kick at the moment.

I bought a few Deep Cut Studio mats on Black Friday – a 3×3 meadow, a 3×3 winter (for future 6mm project) and a 2×2 desert (I’ve got my desert board but I thought a mat might be handy too). I’ve since realised that I don’t have a space to lay out a 3×3. I was going to buy a trestle table but I have two folding trestle legs from ages ago, so instead I bought an art panel in 3×3 from Jackson’s (a really good online art shop). Not cheap, but I like it, and future proof incase I decide to make a ‘proper’ terrain board with it later.

Anyhoo, whilst I was buying that I bought a few of the 30cm square ones too:


On sale for £6! I’m going to make a series of heavily styled terrain boards for 15mm skirmish – I use rulesets with CM instead of inches, works fine IMO, so these boards are over 2×2 using that ratio. Great for Open Combat, Crom and a Pulp Alley. So these ones will be very un-generic, specific scenes for adventures.

The first one is a cave network. Here’s the rough cut cork rocks

They need chopping and shaping, but unlike most of my terrain I’m not basing them, they’ll be moveable to create loads of layouts. 3 have a right angle to so they can be put in corners, and 1 has a flat edge to sit flush. I’ll probably finish it in a desert scheme like the rest of my stuff – I was considering doing it in dark grey stone though, like a classic dungeon cave, but that would mean painting up new minis, and I could do with a bit more focus at the moment!!