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Anyway, I’ve seen Firefly and Serenity, even read most of the comics and skimmed through the pen-and-paper RPG (because I do genuinely like that franchise, despite my being ambivalent to Whedon generally). But aside from the general “rogues in space” theme, I still don’t feel it captures much of what I’m after with the Traveller setting, unless I’ve completely misapprehended that setting (do people drawl a lot in Traveller? ). So, I don’t have much left to mine in Whedon territory, and I’d rather look at proper, first-hand Traveller material.

While “gazetteer” type material remains my first priority, I’m also receptive to suggestions for classic published adventures or even short stories that provide representative glimpses of what the setting is all about. Basically, anything that’s a common denominator among Traveller fans for their respective “mind’s eye” constructions of the setting.

Lots of links here http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/traveller/links.html Might be a good place to start rummaging?

I’ve started rummaging, but it does seem to involve a lot of sifting. It seems to be a problem with Traveller that there’s such a complex “fan culture” around it these days that it’s not particularly beginner-accessible anymore. Which is a bit of a shame considering the game seems to once have been the epitome of a no-preconditions vehicle for space adventure that any sci-fi fan no matter how naive and untravelled (see what I did there?) could just pick up and play.

Then again, I suppose it’s the established lore I’m interested in learning about, so maybe I’m being unreasonable and there’s no simple solution.