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Not Connard Sage

Let’s examine both the illustration, and Giraldus’ description. Both of which Pascal sets such great store by.

“quote from the text accompanying the illustration in Heath’s book”

Though William le Breton and Giraldus himself also state that Welsh soldiers were unarmoured the latter nevertheless reports that some, clearly the upper-classes, wore light armour, which he describes as comprising helmet, short mail corselet, circular shield (also carried by infantry spearmen and described in various sources as being coloured white, gold, silver or blue) and – very occasionally – mail hosen. [end quote]


The shield in the illustration’s wrong, according to Giraldus. It’s a flat topped kite shield, not a round one.

The figure is wearing a knee length mail hauberk, not a ‘short mail corselet’.

Giraldus also states that they wore mail hosen ‘very occasionally’. One wonders how large his sample group was.

Giraldus further claims that Uchelwyr wore a ‘helmet’. Not a ‘nasal helm’ such as the figure is wearing.

We see that Giraldus’ description contradicts the illustration at several points. So which is correct? The figure? The text? Neither?

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