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I’ve been following your Traveller thread with interest; do have a photo of the Drantakh figures you’re looking for? Just curious!



They’re not Traveller canon or anything like that – they just look to me like they would be right at home in a universe of that general aesthetic.

I like the way they’re characterful but still “clean”, harking back to a time not all too many decades ago when sci-fi was a bit more wide-eyed, though it had well outgrown the “Robbie the Robot” phase. I’m far too young to have been around when Traveller and the stories it drew upon were new and fresh, but still, I grew up around that classic imagery of 60s-90s sci-fi book covers (me da’ was an avid science fiction fan, the old-school kind that rejected the word “sci-fi”) and I also recall some of that aesthetic still lingering in certain 90s computer games (Master of Orion and the like). I want to do a sci-fi project that pays homage to all that.