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Hi Whirlwind.

The game was not fought to an absolute conclusion due to weather concerns etc, but I would expect that the initial success the Allies had on their left flank has passed and French reinforcements are on their way. The Allies are likely going to have a hard time there.

On the other hand the Allied reinforcements on their right flank are in a position to rescue the Spanish who were in risk of being rolled up from the flank.

So far the French have lost 6 from their break of 14, while the allies have lost 5 from 15. However there are about 6 Allied units on 1 or 2 elan so if the French can close then large losses are expected.

As far as the rules go I love them. There are some compromises given the grand tactical nature that I’m not totally comfortable with (the lack of visible commanders for one) and the need to identify units who are different (attached artillery, skirmish, conscript etc) means either some sort of roster or markers on the table/labels. We ran with neither (roster means time spent looking up things, labels dont fit with our already “wrong” sized bases) , meaning that the units were more generic than I would have liked. However, I am contemplating rebasing and/or label schemes to aid.

They are certainly my/our favourite Large scale set. I will always have a soft spot for Principles of War but it does take longer and is smaller in outlook IMO. I particularly like the MO dice and activation mechanics which work well.

I guess the overall indication of their worth was that Rob who isn’t a wargamer and had never played the game before was comfortable after about his third turn without any prompting from me.