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John D Salt

I agree Whirlwind – great opportunity and a decent salary – at least to a peasant like me.

Obviously people have different ideas as to what constitutes a decent salary, but if you consider that HEO is supposedly the rank equivalent of a Major in the Army (NATO OF-3), the lower end of the pay band is about £5,000 a year less than the equivalent grade in MoD (outside London), £23,000 a year less than an actual Major, and has been subject to a pay freeze for over five years.

Against that, DSTL does include some splendid and interesting people, gives opportunities for interesting work, and is unusual among UK organisations in that it still seems to believe in training for its new staff. This post does not seem to insist on a degree, and if, as I imagine, quite a lot of the work will be organising “Connections”, well, the salary does not seem too bad compared to the pittance event organisers seem to get.

Still, I cannot stress too strongly that people with expertise in wargaming, simulation, software development, operational research, French and Russian (to choose a completely random sample of skills) are worthy of the most lavish imaginable emoluments.

All the best,