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Hello everyone, Where to find in 25 mm/30 mm figurines representing Uchelwr of the eleventh, twelfth or thirteenth century? Thank you Pascal

So we are talking anywhere between 1000AD and 1299AD.  That’s actually a pretty big range!  I will assume you want something after the Norman conquest of England.  1066 or later.  I will admit that this is the first I’ve heard of Uchlewr.  They seem to be nobles commonly from Gwenydd, right?  That being the case, they are more likely similar to native Britons in dress.  The man in the picture seems to be influenced by Irish fashion of the time.  I’d suggest that an Uchelwr would have a tunic that ends at the upper knee, not different from a Norman, Saxon or Viking (Norse) tunic.  The kit (armor/weapons), of course, could be of any style and type.  I would think that a Pre-Feudal Scottish Noble would fit the bill really well.  Maybe Crusader Miniatures Mounted Scots Thanes?

Here is an article by Dan Mersey that seems pretty informative.

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