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Guy Farrish

If anyone would like to pursue the idea that there is more to the Welsh, and indeed the Celtic, soldier and military development during the early and middle, medieval period than Dark Age barbarians – have a read of these:

The Age of Conquest: Wales 1063-1415. RR Davies (paperback) – hardback pub as Conquest, Co-existence and Change: Wales 1063-1415

Hanes Cymru. John Davies – pub in English translation : A History of Wales

The above two are great for the cultural background of a developing European country and take a few steps into the complexities of Welsh laws and culture that underpinned military development. Probably too general for those looking for a wargames military history, but fascinating if you like correcting Victorian and ‘Braveheart’ type views of mediaeval history.

Welsh Soldiers in the Later Middle Ages, 1282-1422. Adam Chapman (expensive – c£50-£60 and later than this period)

War and Society in Medieval Wales, 633-1283: Welsh Military Institutions (Studies in Welsh History). Sean Davies (Useful alternative view to the myths of romantic hairy Celts from the Dark Ages)

Considering how difficult it is digging out source material on the subject of the works, these are solid additions to the canon of Celtic mediaeval military studies. Revisionist I suppose but from a solid evidence base that checks Anglocentric views of the ‘otherness’ of the Celtic fringe and ties Welsh social, cultural and military development back in to the European mainstream.

These don’t diminish the unique character of Welsh military and cultural achievement but do provide a corrective to the idea they were ‘quaint’ or ‘twee’ or ‘barbaric’.

And they let me have quite a wide choice of figure for my Welsh armies!