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Shaun Travers

I really liked a battalion on the table with 1:10ish for infantry and 1:3-5 for vehicles and crew served weapons.  I played almost exclusively with 20mm figures for 15 years at this level.  But I have become a bit disillusioned with the figure scale (~1:72) Vs the distance scale I play (~1:000).  I think if I went to 6mm with the same distance scale of 1:1000 I would be OK, but I really like the look of 20mm.  For the last few years I have been playing company level games and really enjoying them (mostly as 1:3 for infantry and 1:1 for everything else).  I do miss the battalion level with its great mix of combined arms, but I don’t have to suspend my disbelief so much for figure Vs distance scale. I am mostly playing historically based company level scenarios so don’t feel like I am playing with outrageously unhistorical troop deployments.  Probably some are unhistorical, but at least not in the outrageous category 🙂