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Not Connard Sage

Would this be a bad time to ask what we actually mean by Celts? Racial group? No. Cultural group, possibly-ish Language group – yes Anything else? Rude word for barbarian? Undoubtedly – I blame the Greeks. But as for ‘pure’ anything in the British Isles? Might be a short haired schnauzer somewhere.


There’s a nasty whiff of nationalism permeating this thread, and it’s becoming more overt.


Speaking as a (part) Goidelic Celt, you Johnny-come-lately Brythonic types can all bugger orf with your funny Cymric languages and leave the British Isles to we Gaelic speaking Scots, Irish and Manx. We’re the ‘pure’ Celts, ‘cos we was here first.

So there. 🙂


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