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John D Salt

Some of these I have been intending to use myself, but I s’pose I’d let you use one if I get an acknowledgement in the designers’ notes…

Of course a lot depends on what the rules are going to emphasise. Mounted or dismounted combat? The usual wargamerly meeting engagement nonsense, or something a bit more set-piece?

“Deliberate Battalion Attack” has the virtue of abbreviating to DBA.

“Battalion Assault” was the name of a game my pal Paul Syms started work on about 45 years ago, and as far as I know has never got round to finishing.

“Battalion in the Attack” sounds like a chapter in a British Army training pamphlet or aide-memoire. You may wish to give a different national flavour to the title; German in always popular, and “Abteilung in Angriff” sounds warrier than the English. I would suggest probably not “Sturmabteilung”, though, because of the unfortunate political connotations. “Nur ein Bataillon” was the title of a book by Heinz-Dietrich Aberger about the 8th MG Bn in the DAK (I vaguely imagined it had been translated into English, but perhaps not, as I can’t find an English title for it). “Marschbataillon” sounds rather too much like the title of a Sven Hassell book. “Panzerabteilung” makes things sound more tanky.

But why not let the Russians het a look in? They are at least as good as the Germans for syllabic abbreviations. “Strelbat” would make a fine title, or “Motostrelbat” if you want it more mechanized, or “Shtrafbat” if you want it grim. The advantage here is that the Russians still use the terms during the cold war period, when everyone else had changed to organising battalion-sized units as combined-arms battle groups. Trendy armies started earlier, which is why rules are called “Kampfgruppe [something]”, although Kampfgruppen were not necessarily batallion size.

The name I like best, because it is a Russian syllabic abbreviation and it emphasises the command element, is the Red Army term for Batallion Commander, which is “Kombat”. You could call the game “Battalion Commander” — I’m surprised nobody has already — but I think “Kombat” is better. The other rather splendid term for a commander — originally at any level, but now still in use only for unit (battalion) commanders — is the British appointment title “Sunray”. You could call the game “Battalion Sunray” if you really must have the word “battalion” in it, but I quite fancy “Foxhound Sunray” for an infantry game, or “Ironside Sunray” for a tank one, and, again, the advantage of these terms is that they conver late WW2 and the Cold War.

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