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Not Connard Sage

Sorry Paskal – I was teasing slightly about Celts. But regarding your search for Welsh Uchelwyr, I’d use early medieval mail clad, round shielded generic western horse (with hose/leggings/trousers) for 11th century, possibly early 12th. Then go looking for early crusade/late Norman. And then for 13th use Scots/lower class English/poor French noblemen. I’d avoid the more fanciful Irish offerings. Oh – and I’ll have you know Mr NCS, fellow me lad, Farrish is a Scottish name; from the borders though – so still probably an ‘orrible mix of Strathclyde Welsh, Saxon, Viking and that’s just that bit – the rest covers half Europe and beyond – so definitely a mongrel – should give me stamina and a healthy coat.

Reiver scum eh? Stepson lives in Dunbar and works in Melrose. I think there’s still a bit of a reiver mentality persists in Gala…;)

And ‘oo you callin’ a fanciful Irish offerin’?  😀



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