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Always a good topic for speculation. I know the archaeologist Carl Blegen thought the Trojans might be Greeks.

However, I like the idea that Troy was a cosmopolitan centre with, maybe, a Luwian core but admixture from many peoples of the Aegean, including Mycenaeans who came to trade in the rich centre. The Greek names of the Trojans in Homer’s poems really is just an effort to allow his Greek audience to understand the names of the characters. Many Chinese of my acquaintance have English names so they can function in an English-speaking society.

I think it telling that Hector’s son is called Scamandrios; named after the local river. The Greek “Astyanax” is a nick name.

Homer, in Book 4, line 437, wrote about the Trojan army:
‘Their speech and dialects were all different, as they spoke a mixture of languages—the troops hailed from many parts.” This would indicate at least a majority did not speak Greek?

I also thought this was interesting: “Trojans had a close relationship with the Hittites, including sharing some of their laws . For example,there is a resemblance between the marriage traditions of the Trojans and the Hittites. According to a Hittite law “if a man has a wife and the man dies, his brother takes his wife”. The Trojans had exactly the same law. The legend tells us that after the death of Paris his brother Deiphobos married Helen. ”