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Rod Robertson


Here are a few titles which come to mind:

Good Bews: Battalions East-West Simulation.

Battalions Left and Right.

The Battalions of Dogma.

Hot War/Cold War, Battalions Clash.

The Burning Battalions of Belligerent Beliefs.

Battalions Between Us.

Red Battalion Blues.

Black and White Beliefs, Red and Blue Battalions.

Brazen Battalions Battling Broken Beliefs.

Burning Battalions, Broken Beliefs.

Black Kampfgroups, Red Battalions and Blue Battle Groups.

The Battalions of Havoc – East vs West in the 20th Century.

Battalions Rule! – Battalion Rules.

Armageddon – Battalions Clash: The ABC’s of Modern Warfare in the 20th Century.

Beaten Black, Blue and Red – Battalion Level Wargames Rules for the Century of Clashing Ideologies.

Well it’s late here and it’s time to pack it in now. G’night all.


Rod Robertson.