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@ Guy Farrish

Thank you Guy so let’s continue to check and discuss, as long as it does not end in water of pudding …

I wait for my refercences DAC-01 and if it can be done and if I am looking for, I will do beautiful Uchelwyr exactly as in the book WRG, so often quoted …

But I’m a Breton of pure stock (Ancient Brittons = Sub Roman British = Breton – that’s why I love both Welsh and Cornish because the Bretons Wales and Cornwall – now British – even before they became known as such…), not a descendant of these shabby Gauls of Armorica. ..

And so like all real Breton stubborn like a mule (of the British artillery ?), I will continue to look for Uchelwyr even if I transform figurines …

And you’ll see that the day I finish making Uchelwyr presentables, I’ll find some in the trade that seem to come straight out of Ian Heath’s book WRG but without their round shields as by chance, because the sculptors are disciplined people …

Oh, I forgot we did not talk about the type of spears they took to battle, Javelin, short spear, long spear ?


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