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NKL Aerotom

Thanks for your comments Stephen, some great points / questions. I am planning some edits to the rules and I will implement the following changes:

At 29:20 you mention a correction will need to be made to the Mujahideen vs Soviet assets as they don’t agree with respect to types of mines and reactions. Have you reviewed this and if so what is the answer?

The wording of the Soviet Reactions 4 and 5 should be swapped.

Why can you fire “through” civilians when you can’t do so through friendlies? I would think this would be the same PLUS the restriction on attacking targets within 6″ of civilians IN ADDITION.

Definitely agree with this, I will make Civilians block line of sight exactly like friendly units.

Why have different quality levels of spotting teams?

This is in case they take fire and need to take morale checks, or if they need to search for nearby hidden units or reveal dispersed markers. There will be the odd time when they need to take a quality check, but calling in support is not one of those times. I could potentially alter the points of the veteran and shaky versions, or make them do a quality check to call in support. I will probably go for the former.

To access “face cards” for air strikes and helicopter support is an 18 in 58 chance. Close enough to 2 in 6 chance to be easily replaced by a 5+ on a D6 roll

I quite like the drawing cards as you know eventually a face card will come up and its a fun dynamic, sometimes its nice to do something that isn’t rolling dice to have a bit of a change. You’re right though: I could probably make this a D6 roll, but I would prefer to keep it as is.

With regards to Soviet transport space: I do make a mention of the smaller size of soviet units and the way their squads were set up, although this is under the “notes from the designer” section rather than in the main rules. I should really mention this under the Vehicle Transport rules.

With regards to the Hind: I believe I went with the Hind D, having the Yak-B, rocket pods and what I thought was an exterior gun pod. I think the remedy here will be to remove the 23mm Gun pod and just have the Yak-B and the rocket pods. Thanks for the PDF though, I have downloaded it and will have a look.

Thanks again for your comments, I will work through these and put together a latest version which I will release through Wargame Vault (and which will be automatically available to everyone who has purchased the rules).