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Thank you for the info. I am familiar with H&R and GHQ. Finding pics of H&R figures is hit and miss. Plus when H&R posts pictures, especially of their figures, they are small and obscured by “terrain”. GHQ presents theirs so much better.

As for buildings I think I will go with roll your own. I have tons of balsa and bass (my other hobby is RC planes and my balsa stash is legendary in these parts) so finding suitable pictures and away I should go. Plus based on reading it seems a lot of Afghan built up areas are more a series of homes linked to common walled courtyards. Sounds like they have been dealing with bandit culture for an awfully long time.

Out of curiosity does anyone have ideas for mounted afghans? I am finishing up reading Horse Soldiers and the imagery of charging mounted troops firing AKs while hunkering down against their mounts’ necks for cover sounds like an interesting scenario and figure(s). I have never read of such tactics during the Soviet era but wonder if…