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Rod Robertson

Les Hammond:

Strangely they’re quite keen on early war battles, but the Infantry Tank Mk I just gets no love. They are quite keen on the Vickers Mk VI’s and the Bren and Scout Carriers and I’ve even gotten them jazzed about playing with Morris CS-9’s and Norton motorcycle-borne infantry but that’s because two of the group are ex-armoured recce officers and love winkling about in suicidally dangerous light vehicles trying to out fox the enemy. The hate is reserved for just a few tanks like the A-11’s, the cruiser tanks which I mentioned above, my 10 glorious FT-17 tanks, French R-35’s (especially in later war scenarios), Soviet T-26’s, BT-7’s and the tiny amphibious T-37/T-38 tanks (whose designation escapes me right now), my beloved T-35’s of which I have five and German Pz IB’s. Everything else they liked. Of course it’s been a few years since the group could be brought together so tastes may have changed in the long hiatus.


Rod Robertson.