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Thanks Guy, that was very interesting.  I have played first edition WSS too.  I think the main thing that bothered me was cavalry charges.  By far the most likely outcome of a brigade of 3 bases charging would be that 1-2 of the 3 would charge in and the others would remain stood there.  This seems pretty counter-intuitive for the WSS especially when using that “ranged combat charge” mechanism.  The army morale system was quite quirky as well (I much preferred the model in the Napoleonic rules).

As you know, I have done lots of comparison re-fights this year, some of which have used the Neil Thomas rules which generally have no command rules either.  My basic take on it is that command rules make things “a little bit” more realistic at the price of “a fair bit” of faff.  I agree that in some ways the DBx system is more simple and elegant, but I know that a lot of players don’t like it because of the premium it puts on good dice rolling!  Anyway, you make lots of good points, all of which I think I am going to cover when I do my final round-up of all these games.